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The Corinne Becker Lymphedema Foundation was established to help address the challenge of curing lymphedema.  This non-profit organization [pending 501(c)(3)] is helping to build awareness and raise funding to support development of innovative treatments and provide these therapies to patients in need.  These resources will be used to address the existing “funding gap” between great ideas and real clinical treatment that organizations fighting lymphedema currently face. Its recognizes that such research efforts can lead to other new and unintended possibilities for improving healthcare well beyond treating lymphedema. Such opportunities will also be seriously considered for further development when they arise.


The foundation is also committed to making advanced treatments available to inflicted patients who simply can’t afford them, by dedicating resources to fund treatments for those in need on a select basis. 

About us//


  1. Support core research needed to better understand different forms of lymphedema  diseases (including oncology, congenital and filiariosis) and the development and advancement of new treatments

  2. Transfer of knowledge and teaching of lymphedema treatments internationally.

  3. Support the formation of Lymphedema Centers of Excellense around the world. 

  4. Provide much needed care (physiotherapy, surgery) for patients who lack financial means.

Board of Trustees

Corinne Becker, MD (Chairman), University Hospital Pompidou, American Hospital of Paris


Stanley Rockson, MD (Vice Chair), Center for Lymphatic and Venous Disorders, Stanford University Medical School


Gerard Khayat, MD, American Hospital of Paris

Patrick Lange (Secretary), Retired Executive

Michael Paukshto, PhD, Fibralign Corporation.


Scientific Advisory Board


Honorary Advisory Board

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