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treatments to

cure lymphedema


To advocate and advance new treatments for curing lymphedema and make these therapies available to patients in need.

Lymphedema is a progressive global chronic disease that affects over 120 million people, with 1 billion additional people at risk (World Health Organization).  Currently there is no known cure for this debilitating disease. But there is great hope for the future, with leading researchers and clinicians working on emerging biotech innovations, advancements in surgery and other treatments to help patients struggling with this illness.


The Corinne Becker Foundation was established as a non-profit organization [pending California 501(c)(3)] to provide a global reach in addressing this horrible disease. 


Corinne Becker, MD is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon who pioneered microsurgical lymph node (LN) transplantation.  Based in Paris, Dr. Becker has performed over 4,000 lymph node transfers in the treatment of both upper- and lower-extremity lymphedema over the last 20 years.  Dr. Becker has committed her life to treating patients with lymphedema and launched this foundation specifically to accelerate development and deployment of new treatments and therapies.

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